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Platform Overview

The Quiq Math platform allows for students to self-educate while providing invaluable feedback on their progress; thus enabling eductors to install targeted enrichment programs.


The free Quiq Math iPad application does not need Dashboard to run; so Dashboard can be added at any time.

Cloud based

When connected with Dashboard, Quiq Math quickly and seamlessly sends each student's result without having to manually sync the device with a computer.

Creative design

Both the iPad application and the Dasboard service have been designed to be colorful and stimulating, providing an engaging experience for the both the educator and student.

Feedback encouraged

If there is a feature that you would like incorporated into Quiq Math, let us know! We are dedicated to the development and evolution of Quiq Math.


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The Quiq Math iPad application is free for download right now, and will always be free. Forever.

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